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Welcome to the Long Island Surf Prediction Page.

Top is LI surf spots, head to the bottom of the page for up to date predictions

In this site you will find all kinds of info on places to ride Long Island's waves and what break is going to break next.

My name is Keith and I've been surfing and sailing the waters of Long Island for 17 years. Throughout this time I've found places to surf from the jetties of Long Beach to the rocks of Montauk. And in this site you'll find all the knowledge I've stored by exploring these waters. You'll also find my prediction for how the surf is going to be breaking in which spots on LI tommorrow.

Spots On LI (Montauk)
There Are Many spots in which I've surfed on LI. The following is a breakdown on which spots break when and what kind if wave it is.
It goes in the order of east to west and I will update this according to when last surfed or seen the spot. Spots without a date at the end of it means I haven't surfed it in a while. Also some people know the names of these spots differently because like any surfer we-friends and I-name the spots when we first surf them, but some names are the same. All directions are off route 27, Sunrise Highway

Turtles Back Door
Directions-Take route 27 till it ends,montauk point, go 3/4 of the way around the loop in the State Park with the light house. When you reach a little grass hill to your right, look down in that little cove in the northeast corner of the point. If you see a rocky beach with 10' high cliffs you're in the right spot. YOU CAN SEE THE BREAK FROM THE ROAD!

Waves? You need a heavey southeast to east swell to have this cove break, but when it breaks it breaks.The swell will wrap it's way around the point and just peel right down into Block Island Sound, rides lasting forever. Oh and don't forget a southwest wind is offshore, and any good surfer knows southwest is all we get here on LI.

Board? If the swell is too much from the south it gets pretty small so a longboard is recomended, but when it gets big you can find some nice steep lines to carve the short board.

Problems? Some rocks so scope the place before jumping in. Also heavy currents so keep your eye on your placement.

Altogether-Very bitchy on the type of swell but when it breaks it breaks.

Under The Light
Directions-right next to turtles back door, just more towards the light house(to the east). Just walk along under the light house until you get to the north side. right along the rocks to protect the light house is the spot.

Waves?Smaller swell than Back Doors but same basic thing, althought he water is too deep for a small swell.

Board?A shortboard, usually when it breaks here it really has some steep big lines.

Problems?Rocks, big rocks out in the break that get in the way. Also the currents are a real bitch. I heard at one point that it was illegal to surf there because it gets too dangerous but I don't know how true that is.

Altogether-Good steep break, and not as bitchy as backdoor, watch your ass though.

Turtles Cove-the infamous LI break
Directions-Follow the locals in a hurricane swell. They'll lead you to the point, where you go 1/4 of the way around the loop at the end of 27-same loop as back door. you'll find a nice little path on the otherside of the guard rail going down into turtles cove.

Waves?Yes, you need a even less of a easterly swell to make this place pump, although any good hurricane swell will make you think you're in Costa Rica.

Board?Long or Short. If you sit more on the inside(meaning in the cove more) you can find nice lines for a Long Board, but if you sit off the peak at the point of the cove you will fire into some way overhead barrels that you might even need a gun to ride. Look for anything from a west to Northwest wind to make it pump, but remember a east wind will ruin your ride out there.

Problems?Some rocks, Some localism and Some fishermen. East wind, but no real currents. Oh and watch the fog, you can get hammered in the fall and spring.

Altogeter-Great Break, look for the surf mags there during hurricane season taking pics.

Cavit's Cove
Directions-Hard to find but it was a secret spot until now. Go down 27 through the town of montauk and look for Ditch Plains Road. Follow it around to Deforrest Road(same road just makes a left and changes names) go down until it turns to dirt and look for another path like turtles that leads towards the water. When you come to a little wooden staircase in the cove you found it.

Waves?Sometimes. I surfed there a few times but it is also a bitchy spot. Needs any swell rolling in from the south, but there are lots of rocks so the swell has to be just right to hide them. with a big swell it gets messy and scary on either side of the cove. But the middle does break a nice point break. Oh if you didn't get it yet, the middle, east, and west sides of the cove break... find it right and you'll be set.

Board?Long Board seems to ride nice on the west side of the cove, but a short board is fun in the middle-it pitches in there. Couldn't tell you about the east side-never surfed it-watched it a lot though, it gets big there, I would recomend a gun on a big swell.

Problems?Rocks-big ones. Paking, you can't park or actually even drive down the road because it's private afer you pass the enterence to the trailer park. Also it is in the middle of nowhere-if you get hurt it's a long walk back to civilization.

Altogether-Nice break, just catch it right.

Trailer Park-You know the trailer park you pass on the way to cavit's? Right in front of that.

Waves?Good but not the nice rides like Ditch.Fun overflow spot though. You need anything from the south to break there, optimal wind is a north.

Board?Small swell Long Board is fun, but on a big swell a shortboard can be nice on the lefts. Note:Mostly ridden by Long Boarders all the time-good luck getting a wave on something small.

Problems?Some big rocks, little localism. Parking, you're not allowed to park in the trailer park without a key card.

Altogether-Great overflow spot for ditch.

Ditch Plains-Best spot on LI
Directions-Just like going to trailer park but your last paved right before the park.

Waves?All most all the time you find a perfect long boarding swell, unless the winter north winds beat the hell out of it.

Board?It is a Long Board break, anything else is worthless.

Problems?Heavey localism, if you're not a local you will be hard put to catch a nice one there. Parking*, park in ditch get a ticket, simple as that.
*Park up the street(north) until you see no more No Parking signs-didn't here that from me though

Altogether-Perfect LB swell, you can find Joel Tudor there practicing, but it is the best place on LI.

Polls-(I think that is the name of it-my Aunt told me)
Directions-one right before actual ditch the surf break.

Waves?Good pitch with any south swell, look for a north wind.

Board?Big Short board break.

Problems?Little kids that will outsurf some of the best around, don't go thinking you'll impress anyone-the kids will put you in your place.

Altogether-fun shortboard break but quick rides.

Cliffs-One of my favorites
Directions-Polls parking lot just go to the beach and look west, right under the cliffs.

Waves?Bowls up on any swell making it bigger than what it looks. Position your self putting the ________ right between the two __________ and you'll find a nice right just to your left and a nice left just to your right. (didn't think I'll tell you everything huh?)

Board?Great drops on a short board, usually find me riding a 7'4" Donald Tayk. egg there. But great LB rides too.

Problems?Watch out for the bowl and sometimes the shorebreak getting in. Over Flow from ditch hits there too.

Altogether-Big Swell grab the egg and hit it up, small swell and ditch is packed just as good.

Atlantic terrace
Directions?Just after the towm of montauk make a right down to the beach(if you pass the montauk library you went too far.) go to the end of the road (name unknown) until you hit the beach. Look to your left (east) and find a nice A-frame break packed with shortboarders.

Waves?Unbelieveable bowl with any swell.

Board?Short board only, I rode it once with a LB and got eaten for dinner.

Problems?Heavy Localism and a rock bottom make it hard. Did I tell you not to LB it.

Altogether-Great Shortboard spot.
Spots On LI (Other)
My knowledge of these spots are not as extensive as the Montauk spots but I do know the break in all the places listed, and surfed all of them a number of times. I just do not go back to them a lot. I mainly surf Montauk and breaks on Fire Island.

East Hampton
Directions?Go down 27 through wainscott, and the light you make a left at that takes you into the town of East Hamption make a right. Go down that road until you come to a beach. Right there is a nice little beach break with not too bad localism.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-NE to NW
Problems-Not to great of a break, regular beach break.
Altogether-Good hassel free spot that can make a fun beachbreak.

End of Dune Road
Directions-Follow 27 until you pass a burger King on the left hand side(town of south hampton). Look for a light immediately after the BK. Make a right and follow it through the town of South Hampton. At the end of the road make a right and follow it until you get to the end of dune road. If you have a green key for the Suffolk County Parks parking is fine, if not you're on your own. Walk to the beach and follow the beach all the way west until you reach a jetty. Inside that jetty you will find nice rights.

Wave Direction-SW to SE
Wind-SW to NE
Problems-Localism is big, they don't want there nice place given up to kooks
Altogether-Great place espcially for the noraml SW wind swell

Directions-27 to William Floyd Parkway. Follow to the end-Smiths Point State Park.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-NE to NW
Problems-plenty of beach to go around
Altogether-I Surfed there a while ago and it had a nice outer bar to ride, not great but good for a change.

Fair Harbor
Directions-Call (631) 666-3600 for Fire Island Ferries. Take the ferry to Fair Harbor. Walk down one of the walks to the end to find a nice bar break.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-NE to NW
Problems-None other than the price, 12.50 ferry ride and parking. You can park at the end of maple Ave. and walk to the ferries (recomended).
Altogether-Good fun beach break, nice people, good sandwiches at whitneys market.

Field Four
Directions-27 to Robert Moses Causeway go to Robert Moses state park field five, walk west.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-NE to NW
Problems-None Really other than the 7 dollar parking fee at moses during the summer, no worries with the empire pass.
Altogether-Another Good Beach break with low localism

Directions-Same as Field Four just go to field 2 in Moses State Park and walk west to Fire Island Inlet and the jetty.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-N to NE
Problems-The walk is killer, take a boat if you can. Some localism
Altogether-Great Spot with a North/Northeast wind with the swell rolling down into the inlet.

Directions-27 to Robert Moses Causeway South to Ocean Parkway.No parking at Hemlocks other that if you have the NYS 4-wheel drive permit. If you do you know where it is already-between gilgo and Ceder. Best if traveled to by boat.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind NE to NW, but bowls enough to break a little nice on a South
Problem-Getting there
Altogether-Great spot if you can get there

Directions-Same as Hemlocks just get off Ocean Parkway at Gilgo beach. You do need a Babylon town permit in summer.

Wave Direction-SE to SW
Wind-NE to NW
Problem-Some localism
Altogether-nice longboardable beach break

Jones Inlet (East Jetty)
Directions-Same as Gilgo just go all the way down until you come to Jones Beach. Look for signs for Jones beach west end, Jones Beach Coast Guard station and follow down to the last field. Walk to the beach and go west.

Wave Direction-SW to SE
Wind-SW to NE
Problems-Fishermen can own that place sometimes
Altogether-another break like Dune Road, goes good with our normal SW wind swell.

Anna's Point
Directions-Same as Gilgo just keep going until your on the meadowbrook parkway. Get off on the exit for loop parkway. follow to the end and make a left at the light. Follow that road until you reach the end. Through that fence you'll find that when you get a swell too big to ride anywhere other that Montauk it will break in there.

Wave Direction-South and huge
Wind-SW to NW but light.
Problem-Current and the smell sometimes
Altogether-Nice break but very picky. Watch your ass in the currents.

Long Beach
Directions-Just like Anna's Point just make a right at the light. When you get to tall buildings make a left at any light. Park where ever you find room and walk to the beach.

Wave Directioin-SE to SW
Wind-W to N to E, but buildings cut down on the heavy north winds.
Problems-Lincoln Ave can get crowded and loaclism can get bad.
Altogether-Nice little jetties make for sweet waves, espially when every other spot is blown out.

Long Island Surf Prediction
Tomarrow look for more of the same crap... Small South West choppy wind swell. Don't forget even though the wind will be dead in the AM the swell is still a chopped up wind swell.

Recomended spot-Ditch should have a longer wave period, could be as big as knee to thigh.

Next Swell?
Ditch might have something in the 2-3 foot range in 36 hours, but not much until a little low front comes up the coast in a week. Looking for a ride go to the east end

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